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It looks as though I've found another place to write. How lovely.

End of Days

Tagged: Answer Breathless Destiny Distance Elusive End of Days Future Goal Inexorable Promise Question Shimmers.

The Joker

Tagged: Card Colorful Crossfire Cruelty Deck Downhearted Innocent Joker Kiss Over Your Head Sacrifice Seal the Bargain Trickery

(via Standing My Ground : Expats Post) Standing My Ground

(via Standing My Ground : Expats Post) Standing My Ground


The Hardest Lesson

Tagged: Animating Spirit Beloved Breath Busywork Cruel death Distracting Entity Forever Hardest Lesson Heart Kind Past Tense Phase Ritual |


Tagged: : Bones Chilly Die Fingertips Haunting quality Instrument Notes Purist Souls Slays Strings Troubadour Violinist Warms Yearning

Will It Be Fight or Flight?

Tagged: Affair Choose Dawn King Love Loyalty Prepared Repercussions Secret Signal Touch Trust Young Lovers

Remember This

Tagged: Air Breeze Brief Moment Degree Evening Gentle Peace Perfect Spring | posted in Moments out of time Peace poetry Remember

Star Stuff

Tagged: Brilliance Coruscating Essence Fiery Furnace heart Incomprehensible magic Majestically mystery Soul Splendor Stars

Forest Destiny

Tagged: Battle Bones Borders Depths Destiny Disordered Duty Enchanted Ferny Forest Honor Journey Magic Marvels Movement Path Powerful Rendezvous Sen

Review of “Lost” The Finale

Tagged: Ben Carlton Cuse Damon Lindeloff destiny Finale Hurley J. J. Abrams Jack Kate Lost Purgatory Quest Sacramental Sawyer