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It looks as though I've found another place to write. How lovely.

Royal Revenge

Tagged: Forgiven Forgotten Funeral pyre Princess Remorse Revenge Royal Warrior Weep Wild Thing Woman scorned

This Is Not Over

Tagged: Armor Assault Avenger Avid;y Dagger death Defenseless Fool Heart Love Loyalty Lulled Passionate Per Lei Piercing Protection Riccardo Coccian

Is It Biology?

Tagged: Biology Cell Desire Goodbyes Itch Lust Lustful Memories Molecules Nature Passion poetry Remember Science sexuality.

Self Immolation

Tagged: Ache Beloved Choose Exhilaration Fervently Heart Intoxication Love Madness Poets Sailor Siren song Torch Torment Undone Wo;d Yearn.

Ending the Fairy Tale

Tagged: Destiny Fairy Tale Love poetry and tagged A woman's touch Anticipation Doorway Dreams Fear Heartbeat House Lamp Power of speech Risky Silenc

Only an Illusion?

Primal Thoughts

Tagged: Applause Human journey Primal Scream Primal thoughts Quiet recognition Scream society Wroughts Yearn

Or Face the Consequences

Tagged: Bizarre Commonalities consequences Decency Destroy destruction Devoutly goal honor Inmates Power reality Reason Storybrooke Undestroy Univer

More Than a Fairy Tale

Tagged: Air Alchemy Dangerous Darkness Elements Fate Mesmerized Mystery Profane Sacred Secrets Shadows.

I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too

Tagged: AmericansRussiansStingChildrenWar