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It looks as though I've found another place to write. How lovely.

An Electrifying Experience

Tagged: abandon deep thoughts electricity freedom hiroshi sugimoto innocence joy lightning Mystery passion photography radiate transparent

Sing Freedom

Tagged: Boundless Broken Caged Captured Enslaved Fly Free Heart Mercy Punish Repent Robin Williams Soar Songbird Torment

This Is the Night

Tagged: Ashamed Desire Heart History Love Moment passion Precious Recognize Rendezvous Tonight Traveling

The Coward

Tagged: Betrayal Endings Goodbyes Lovers poetryCoward Cowardice Distinctive Envelope Plane Script.

Everyone Has A Story

Tagged: dog dying Everyone heart Painful private sisters story Suffering train Unwillingly Whisper

Tagged: Beautiful Dream Fertile Figment Golden Imagination Sun Ultimate Unobtainable.

A Brief Encounter

Tagged: Crocheted Dress Encounter Fashion Lover Perfect Pumps Purity Scalloped Shawl Smile Supple

Suffer the Little Children

Imagine a life so terrible that this is a good choice!

Tagged: Eternal peace Humanitarian crisis Lady Liberty Narrator Piteous Salvation SciFi Suffer the little children Texas border

Lost Weekend

Change Your Thoughts

Tagged: anxiety Avalanche Celebrant Critical Factor Dirty words Distinguish energy fear George Carlin Hate Illegal Immigrants It's my pleasure job L