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It looks as though I've found another place to write. How lovely.

Now That’s Shameless Self-Promotion

Tagged: Amusing Astounding blog blogger Fans footsteps Gratitude History Inexperience Lady Luck Meteoric Naïveté Phosphorescent self promotion Shame

Breaking up can be So hard to do!

Tagged: Balance transfer Breakup Chat commercials Credit Card Company honesty Marauding Merciless No Fault Divorce paperwork patience Quickie Verify

Tagged: Attic axe Bloodstained Daggers dark death Harbingers of Doom Marionettes Screenwriters Spooky

Tagged: adrenaline danger Don't Go Down in the Basement Early warning system Fight or flight Goosebumps Lizard Brain Lost in Space Magie Dugan Peril

Tagged: Death Desire Far Distant Shores Illusion Light Mystery Peace poetry Someday Spirituality Yearn Yearning

Tagged: Blur Colored Lights Decorating Doorways Edges Inner child Naive poetry Unsophisticated Windows.

But Not Forgotten

Tagged: Anniversary Babe Baby Dream Dreaming Happy Lullaby Mother Singer Soothing.

Tagged: Blue Blue Jay Brilliant Departing wake Flashing Flaunting Morning Perfection Shamelessly Shards Subtle Sunlight Trace.

An Electrifying Experience

Tagged: abandon deep thoughts electricity freedom hiroshi sugimoto innocence joy lightning Mystery passion photography radiate transparent

Sing Freedom

Tagged: Boundless Broken Caged Captured Enslaved Fly Free Heart Mercy Punish Repent Robin Williams Soar Songbird Torment